Hi, I'm Kyrylo a software developer

About me

I'm software developer with professional commercial experience, expertise programming into PHP on a late-wave environments. I take apart maintain and create CRM, web-app for medium and small businesses. Professional in Laminas and Laravel, Symfony. Fluent with Java Script and PHP.

Diving into the Domain

As a full-stack software engineer, I dive deep into the domains of businesses, passionately solving complex problems to make a valuable impact on their growth and success.

Dive deep to domain

With expertise in PHP and a keen eye for detail, I dive deep into business domains, understanding task tracks thoroughly to contribute to successful outcomes and drive progress.

Appreciation for Teamwork

An appreciative and collaborative full-stack software engineer, I value the power of teamwork and client partnerships, understanding that collective efforts are the key to creating meaningful and impactful solutions.

My tech stack

My projects

  • Product watcher
  • Book my party
  • UK companies
  • Your English
  • Guide line
  • Tangar WP
  • Telegram bots
  • WooCommerce socks store
  • Web dev mentoring LMS
  • Ukraine audit public selling

My package and PRs

  • Propel PRs
  • Laminas PRs
  • Company houses package
  • Init laminas module shell script link


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